Stop Smoking For Life Programme

If you just follow my system you will become a non-smoker, the price includes FREE follow up sessions for life plus a free recording of your initial session for home use. 

Plus I offer you a $50 cash back once you are a non-smoker for a month and you share your story via a 30 second video recorded in my clinic.

Call me on 1300 203 422 for a free getting started chat...if you are sick and tired of smoking and you are over it then hypnosis will work for you.

Developed over 10 years within my clinic, my stop smoking programme mixes, advanced hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programme, Emotional Freedom Technique and a raft of clinically proven methods to not just help you quit smoking, but to enhance your overall wellness.

I am so confident in my program that I offer all clients free follow up sessions for life if you ever return to smoking.

  • A once off fee of $497...4-5 weeks cost of smoking on average & I work with you until you quit!
  • You can pay in full by card or cash at the time of your appointment or in two instalments, $250 at booking and $247 two weeks later, using money you have saved by not smoking.
  • Free future session in the unlikely event that you start smoking again.
  • Free email, text or phone support
  • Free audio of your initial session which you can access on your phone or computer
  • You will learn valuable strategies to improve your general wellness and reduce stress
  • Hypnosis is 100% safe, you will not be clucking like a chicken, but you will feel relaxed and comfortable

How it all works

  • Phone chat to see if we are a good fit to work together
  • Book you in for two sessions
  • You receive your questionaire and videos links via email
  • Start your pre quit stratagies as per the videos
  • Activate your two part installment plan via my home page
  • Attend your first consultation fully commited with the goal to quit at this time
  • You receive your follow up email and post quit stratagies
  • You receive your support phone call on day one or two
  • Continue with your post quit and wellness stratagies
  • Attend your second session to further embed your new quit smoking beliefs


A meta analysis of 600 studies involving 72,000 people found that;

Hypnosis is 15 times more successful than willpower and three times more effective than nicotine patches.

Another study showed that hypnosis had a 91% success rate with smokers who wanted to quit.

Please don't wait until smoking takes a heavy toll on your health before you take action.

Disclaimer: Hypnosis is a therapy and not magic, results will vary from person to person, but if you fully commit yourself then hypnosis is a wonderful therapy, plus I commit to work with you until you succeed.


In Addition

  • More sessions are offered at no cost in the unlikely event that you havent completly succeeded after your second session
  • FREE session offered at any time in the future if you were to slip back to smoking
  • $50 cash back offered if you refer someone and they attend my clinic, or $50 donated to the Compass disability charity. Some clients have completly paid for their programme by referal.
  • $50 cashback offered if after being smoke free for a month if we fim a 30 second testimonial video in my clinic

If you are not quite ready to pick up the phone just leave your details below for useful quit smoking information.

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